If you clicked on this review, then you must be interested in the wholesale or drop-shipping model for your e-commerce business. Entrepreneurs getting into the online business space for the first time prefer this model and for good reason.

Salehoo is an eCommerce platform  that uses the above model and  has been adopted by many online businesses. The company is based in New Zealand, and was launched in 2005.

The platform is a directory for wholesalers and drop-shippers that connects you to thousands of suppliers in your business. Here you can find certified drop-shippers, manufacturers, liquidators and wholesalers. As an e-commerce directory, SaleHoo allows you to search for and compare products and suppliers.

The online tool is designed for intuitive use, which makes it easier to find products based on category, name and brand. Though the company is based in New Zealand, it includes, in its directory a list of suppliers drawn from all across the globe, including locations such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China and Australia.

Since its founding in Christchurch, New Zealand, SaleHoo has taken off in a major way, becoming one of the biggest directories of its kind. One of the major positives about their model is the fact that they were able to connect merchants to sellers from varied locations; from the popular to markets that were still emerging. This was at a time when other similar platforms were struggling to get  the kind of reach you could find on the bulky SaleHoo directory.

As of today, the site has managed to amass over 8,000 verified and trusted dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers. Among these suppliers, you will find companies that supply over 1.6 million products from all the renowned brands you can think of. Thanks to this kind of variety, the platform has attracted 137,000 paying members enjoying the opportunities to be found on the site.

However, the majority of suppliers on Salehoo are still US based. It would be most effective if your target market is in the US as you can minimize the shipping time.

SaleHoo Subscription Prices​​

The platform offers two options: a subscription model (priced at $67) which is valid for a year, or a lifetime license of $127.

Compared to competitors in the same market, SaleHoo’s subscription price happens  to be one of the most competitive you will find. Worldwide Brands, one of it’s biggest competitors, has a directory with over 16 million wholesale products. To get access to the platform, you would have to pay a one time membership of  $299.

While choosing your dropshipping supplier, it is best that you consider how long you are willing to stay in the business for. It could be a trial run in preparation for a brick and mortar store. In such a case, you are better off going with the cheapest deal you can find that is still sufficient.

There is a money-back guarantee.

As if a lowly-priced subscription is not enough bait to attract members, SaleHoo also has a money-back guarantee tied to their subscription for members who do not find the service satisfying.

You can claim your subscription back within 60 days, no questions asked. To get back your subscription, you just have to shoot an email to support@salehoo.com and you remain eligible for the claim even on the 60th day. Just produce your receipt number and you will have it returned to you.

SaleHoo's Dashboard​​

The dashboard is simple enough, it allows you to look for, filter products and suppliers that you are interested in, contact and order from them.

From here, you have access to Salehoo Directory and look up over 8000 suppliers, filter them according to your needs.

Supplier pages provide you with essential metrics like seller’s history, policy, shipping time, minimum order, product information…

You also have access to the Lab where products are sorted by Type, Sale Rate, Price, and Competition.

Now this is where you get your money’s worth. The Directory and the Lab should save you hours of manually looking through products and suppliers one by one.

It is best that you start off by storing and saving all the suppliers you intend to work with. It allows you to build a relationship with them so that you don’t have to start over and search afresh every time you want to contact a company. You will get a notification about correspondence from suppliers, including what orders you may be expecting from them.

There is also the option to search through old messages so that it is easier to send messages right from your dashboard. The dashboard also provides tracking so that you can check on your progress since joining the platform and jump from module to module with one simple click. The dashboard also includes a button for the seller forum, which you can use to track interactions you have with other sellers.

The Suppliers On Salehoo​

Wholesale Suppliers​​

There are over 8,000 legitimate suppliers dealing in the wholesale business. Owing to the site’s simple-to-operate interface, you can find all the important information you want in a few clicks. There is an extensive supply of wholesalers, with items priced at actual wholesale prices. Most of the ecommerce merchants buying from the platform intend to sell their wares on other online platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Here, you can expect to find brands like LEGO, Sony, Adidas, 3M, Disney, Oakley and many other well-known names.

As you look through the list of suppliers, you can modify your search prompts to find suppliers in a specific country and those that ship to your area. You can also search for products based on order values, starting with the minimum. You will find that this is much more time-saving than having to look through hundreds of Google search results.

Dropship Suppliers​

There are over 1,000 verified dropship suppliers. All of these have been checked and vetted by the team at SaleHoo and achieved the status of a ‘trusted supplier’. This will save you the trouble of findiing and testing the supplier manually, only to end up taking the bait for a well-orchestrated scam.

Supplier information available includes;

  1. Variety of products
  2. Quality of the products
  3. Contact information
  4. Reviews showing customer satisfaction with the supplier
  5. Locations they ship to
  6. Mode of shipping they use

The list of drop-shipping suppliers on the platform covers a wide variety of niches. You can find suppliers in categories like jewelry, antiques and collectables, consumer electronics, kids’ toys and games, books and magazines, video games, baby gear, health and beauty items, car and auto spares, industrial and business products and many others.

SaleHoo caters for sellers targeting domestic or international markets. This of course wouldn’t be of much use without the benefit of buying from suppliers based in other countries. Take advantage of access to such suppliers and grow your e-commerce business even with a shortage of suppliers in the country you are based in.

Salehoo's Product Lab​

Looking at a specific product, you soon appreciate what good market research can do. The team at SaleHoo tasked with carrying out such research keeps up with all the 1.6 million products on sale on the site.

However, even the seller looking to just stay on top of things will find that the guesstimates released on the platform are often the real deal. As part of their research, SaleHoo will save your blushes in case you should turn your attention to a product that is already flooded with new sellers.

There is a SaleHoo ‘sale rate’ that, combined with competition data, reveals products with fewer sellers that are still on the list of popular items.

This is another strong suit of Salehoo. It offer users product research with a few clicks.

Merchants also benefit from sales reports collected month-by-month. These will come in handy when you are trying to find products whose demand shoots up with the season. It is a smart addition that can be the reason you are ahead of you competitors when an item is in season.

You can also have a list of products that you check on regularly. The platform will provide you with information on metrics like:

  1. Sale rate
  2. Product Type
  3. Average Price
  4. Competition

Support And Training​


By now you also know that most green entrepreneurs are most likely to pick SaleHoo over other platforms. One of the main reasons is the support system that entrepreneurs enjoy upon joining.

If online reviews are anything to go by, it is safe to assume that the support at SaleHoo are quite helpful. Members can air any queries they may have through a number of channels including live chat, email and telephone.

Support is available Monday to Friday, with working hours set between 5:30 p.m and 1:30 a.m EST. Members who want more avenues can reach the company through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You won’t have to wait for hours to get an audience- their average response time is impressive, even with the tons of queries they must receive each day.

Support at SaleHoo is way above average and you will be hard pressed to find a seller disgruntled about the kind of assistance they received. That said, the support could make things better by helping you find products that are not yet listed.


When it comes to training, Salehoo passes with flying colors. They have videos and step-by-step guides. SaleHoo has guides tailored for sellers trading their wares on Amazon and eBay, two of the most used marketplaces for online business. They have everything you need, from starting up to buying your first batch of items, setting up an online store as well as shipping and importing.

In addition to these, sellers can also engage with other sellers on the online forum provided by support. There is an ample supply of tips and brilliant nuggets of advice that new members as well as already established ones can pick from.

The forum registers in excess of 60,000 posts that address all aspects of running an online business, for instance, popular trends and commentary, selling tactics, and favorable suppliers to do business with.

SaleHoo Vs Worldwide Brands​

All through the article, we have been throwing comparisons around, not really zeroing in on the main differences between the two products. This is the part where I help you decide which one to go with, or at least share my two cents on which is better.

The two are both great working products that merchants in the online sphere of business will benefit from. There are a number of differences worth mentioning though. If you are interested in Worldwide Brands, I’ve reviewed it here.


SaleHoo offers a yearly subscription that costs $67 or a $127 lifetime access for all customers. Worldwide Brands on the other hand offers a lifetime subscription at $299. Though one is unbelievably cheap and the other overpriced, the only reason that would determine which service you use would be how long you intend to do online business.

If you are testing the water, it is a sound idea to go with the SaleHoo one year subscription as it is affordable and has 60 days refund policy. Experienced entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in the online market would find it better to pay a one-time fee and never have to worry about it again.

Product Count

In this area, Worldwide Brands is way ahead of the rest of the competition, SaleHoo included. Merchants can find as many as 16 million branded products, which is enormous even without having to compare. SaleHoo only offers 1.6 million products. However, this isn’t a big issue for new sellers as 1.6 million verified products should be more than enough to start.


There is very little to separate the two companies and as you may have noticed, most of the differences are issues that sort themselves out according to your business model and what you want for your company. There is very little that a customer would be missing when they pick one over the other. What one company lacks in one area, it makes up for in other areas, making it a win for customers either way. If you are an experienced seller who is already having success with your business, I recommend going for Worldwide Brands and their massive product pool.

How SaleHoo Helped Me

As an online merchant in the industry for half a decade now, I couldn’t possibly tell you of a better online directory for your business. The information I found on the site helped me apply new tactics in my way of doing things, and the profits did improve. I also connected to tens of suppliers that stock just the kind of baby care products I wanted to focus on. For me, it has been a stress-free ride. SaleHoo takes care of the vitals of running my business without having to worry too much about my orders and how to get them to my clients I can channel my efforts towards taking my business to new heights. It is six years now since I signed up, and I have not hesitated to get the lifetime license.


Brands – By now, you may be aware that SaleHoo stocks a variety of brands on the many niche products on offer. You won’t have to search too long before finding the product you are looking for.

Customer Service – The customer care at SaleHoo is beyond reproach. In the internet age, you can count on many of the services you access online to have disappointing support. The company is one of the few exceptions from this prevailing problem among online merchants.

The minimum order is low enough – This is particularly important for sellers with storage. You won’t have to over – commit by buying more than you have storage room for. Since SaleHoo allows you to filter suppliers by minimum order, it’s perfect for beginners who are just starting out. Many fledglings aren’t looking to start with big orders so SaleHoo made things easy on them by adding this function.

Useful search and filter functon – Filtering suppliers and products by various criterias can save you hours of manual grunt work.

Easily calculate your seller fee and estimated profit – With SaleHoo’s integrated fee calculators, you’ll be able to accurately gauge what goes where and to whom. It will also help you decide on what pricing tier you should focus upon when dropshipping a product.


Branding – This has nothing to do with the platform itself but the wholesalers and dropshipping companies. It will be very tough for you to grow your brand as you can only sell the listed brands. It is the biggest reason most sellers prefer to sell their products on third party markets like Alibaba and Amazon .

Products on offer – 1.6 million may be a staggering number but this is a paltry selection compared to competitors such as Worldwide Brands, which offers over 16 million branded products.

Fees for third party marketplaces – SaleHoo caters mostly to sellers who do their business on third party marketplaces. The thing is, you will have to pay marketplace fees which eat into your profits not counting all the cost incurred leading to the sale.

Bottom Line

SaleHoo is one of the dominant sites of its kind, and is only projected to grow further. There are numerous ways in which any e-commerce seller will benefit from the platform. Prospective business people with plans to start selling online can bet on the platform to deliver on every aspect of supply chain management.